White, Ed

Ed has been a voice in Greater Boston and New England for a number of years, and has been a favorite Trolley Narrator and Historical Guide in Boston, telling stories to countless visitors from around the country and the world.

Bringing a variety of talents to the studio…
Ed can offer your project/production more than just a voice. He brings, Dependability, Individuality and most importantly Professionalism.

A Regular Guy Voice, like me, will define your product or service, and make the public identify with your message.”

• Commercials
• Narrations
• Medical E-Learning
• PowerPoint Presentations
• Telephone Prompts

Starting in the world of Media as a Commercial Photographer; one aspect of my business was producing multi-projector slide/tape presentations providing all segments of the production, Photography, Voiceovers Narrations, and Sound Track.

My studio, and operations is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts,
(Right smack between Harvard University and, MIT.)

“Having been a voice talent in the local Boston markets,
I have brought dependability, individuality and most importantly Professionalism.

My voice style is perfectly suited for that Everyday Conversational storytelling.
Authoritative and Believable with Documentaries, Narrations, Commercials, Telephone Prompts and Messages on Hold.

My presentation is especially good for Instructive, or Educational Text, and I’m quite comfortable with, Scientific and Pharmaceutical Text.

Ed has studied with…
Nancy Wolfson
Julie Williams
Bob Bergen, teacher, mentor, Voice Artist, and friend,
The voice of Warner Brothers: Porky Pig, Tweety, and countless others.
Jordan Rich,
WBZ Radio host, and VP of Chart Productions

Local and Regional Radio and Television spots,
Corporate Narrations,
Live Announcements,
Reading for the Blind
Super Tours of Boston
Destination Boston
Upper Deck Trolley Tours
Action App Tours
Jordan Rich,
WBZ Radio host, and VP of Chart Productions

Phone: 1-617-201-6688
Email: [email protected]