Tips for an Effective Website

Tips for an Effective Website
by Michael E. Cimilyan

Having an effective web site is often tricky. It’s important to engage site visitors in a way that encourages a response or follow through with what you’re offering.
Here are some tips for better visitor engagement:

1) Ensure your site is modern and up-to-date.

Web sites are like fashion. You should consider a redesign every 3-5 years and help make your site new, fresh and pop. Just like clothing, a good site design with set a tone or mood. It’s important to style your site accordingly as a reflection of yourself and your message.

2) Today, you site must be mobile-friendly.

The shift from desktop browsing to mobile devices has accelerated over the past 5 years. It’s extremely important to test your site on a smartphone and tablet to see how your site looks. Some technologies, such as Flash, no longer work on mobile devices.

Therefore, it’s important to update your site to make sure all parts are readable regardless if the device being used. People shouldn’t have to pinch and zoom to read your content. A mobile site will stack its content, like building blocks, and stretch text across the screen width.

A practical example of this mobility-first approach is to ensure your phone number is represented with dashes.

The following is preferred because most smartphones will recognize it as a phone number and it becomes clickable to call:


These are not good because many smartphones won’t recognize them as phone numbers:

1 (289) 818-8881


1 289 818-881

3) It use to be “Content is King” but now it’s “Engagement is King.”

What’s the point if people land on your site but never do anything or contact you? During the site design and development process, companies like Paradime will spend considerable time on an engagement strategy and creating content in addition to the site design. Design and content are now equally critical for the success of a web site. Too many people underestimate the importance of content that’s geared towards attracting clients.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential client and ask yourself the following: Why would I hire me? How do I stand out? What’s my value proposition? What’s my competitive advantage? If you can verbalize this for your web site, it will certainly increase engagement.

4) Develop “dynamic” content.

It’s important that people who visit your site have a reason to come back. A common tool is to create a blog that’s updated either weekly but certainly monthly. Rotating banners and images can add a lot of pop.

5) Give them what they need on your home page.

Sometimes, people don’t have the time to hunt around your site to find what they’re looking for. Make sure your home page has your “elevator pitch” and your contact info but don’t go overboard and clutter things.

I hope all this helps! If you have question, please feel to contact me.

Michael E. Cimilyan
Paradime Inc.


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