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News and Views on the E-Learning Industry. Including professional Voiceovers for your E-Learning projects, Course creation and maintenance, Marketing Tips and general information how to grow your business. We are a unique e-learning voice over resource among instructional design services that makes good business sense.

VoiceOverXtra Interview Part 2

VoiceOverXtra Interview / Part 2 Rick Gordon: ‘Don’t Squeeze Your Clients’ & ‘Set Terms Up Front’ By John Florian ©2009 VoiceOverXtra LLC Jan. 13, 2009 Read Part 1 In a…

VoiceOverXtra Interview / Part 1

VoiceOverXtra Interview / Part 1 Rick Gordon: Commercial & Explosive Growth of E-Learning By John Florian ©2009 VoiceOverXtra LLC Jan. 13, 2009 Broadcasting to voice-overs is a familiar career…

Discount Talents

Don’t Discount your Talents So many VO talents don’t promote their hidden talents mainly because they think they have no value. Recently we added a new member who listed herself…

Tips for an Effective Website

Tips for an Effective Website by Michael E. Cimilyan Having an effective web site is often tricky. It’s important to engage site visitors in a way that encourages a response…

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