Hurst, Dan

He thinks he’s a genius. His wife thinks he’s an idiot. You decide. He hears voices in his head and lets them out. Voices in English and/or Spanish. Voices that speak for companies all over the world. Companies like Ford, McDonalds, Telemundo, Boehringer Ingelheim, Maserati, Kimberly Clark, and FujiFilm. Voices that sell things. Voices that explain things. Voices that teach things. Voices that motivate. Voices that warn. Voices that encourage. Voices that promote. Voices that smile. Voices that tell stories. Voices that announce. Voices that just talk to you. And there are many voices waiting to come out. Please save the voices. Please give them a place in this world. Please do your part, and call today. Voices are standing by to take your call. (816) 478-8774

Phone: 1-816-478-8774
Email: [email protected]