Herringer, Steve

Deep male voice. Edge if required. Excellent for projects requiring male v/o 40-60 yrs.

Steve Herringer is an experienced voice talent providing high quality voice over for commercials, radio and tv imaging, trailers, promos and long format productions.

Steve is currently the host of Your Natural Health Minute, heard and seen on radio and tv across Canada.

Steve owns and operates his own audio studio using top quality mics and pre-amps and is very familiar working with producers in other centres. His studio is Source Connect equipped.

Steve Herringer Awards –
Clio – Blackcomb Mountain radio, Whistler, BC.
IBA – CFUN Radio, Vancouver.
New York City Radio Festival – 1050 CHUM, Toronto.
Promax Asia Winner – AXN Singapore.

Phone: 1-604-531-6908
Email: [email protected]
  • Discovery Channel (Curious+Unusual Deaths/Inventions That Shook the World)
  • Canada Coast Guard
  • Kluane National Park
  • Air Canada
  • AXN Singapore/NOW TV Hong Kong/Planet Radio Frankfurt