Discount Talents

Don’t Discount your Talents

So many VO talents don’t promote their hidden talents mainly because they think they have no value.

Recently we added a new member who listed herself as an American and Canadian English VO talent.  After looking over her Resume she mentioned that she was fluent in Spanish and she could also record English with a variety of European accents.

In the e-learning world many characters have different mother tongues.  For example some e-learning Course Developers are looking for an English VO talent whose mother tongue is Spanish, Italian, British, German, or French etc.  You should list these accents or dialects in your Bio.  It would be even better if you could record a small demo so Instructional Designers could audition your sound.  In addition to possibly landing more work you may spark an idea for e-learning course writers giving them a solution for additional characters without the additional cost of a short one or two line script.

You have probably noticed that many of your local TV Newsreaders do not speak American English as their mother tongue.  Obviously this is perfectly acceptable.  Their local audience is a mix of immigrants from other countries and their numbers are substantial.

Email Addresses

Also, I should mention that many people are using Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail as their personal email address even though they have a personal website.  This is not very professional. It probably comes from many years of not having a personal website and not knowing they can personalize their address.  Example:  [email protected]

It should be a relatively simple thing to change.  Just add your name along with your personal web site address in your email program.  Look at your “accounts” in your email program and add your name and URL.  You will look much more professional and visitors will know you are serious about this business.