About Commercial Voices is a discriminating gathering of voice talents located world-wide. You can rely on CV to supply top talent for your multi-voice projects too! As specialists in E-Learning we have provided up to 25 different character voices for a single project. Multi-voice commercials and documentaries are gaining more popularity and we can set you apart from your competition, staying on time and on or under budget.

We offer professional voice over services and more for commercial and industrial use such as:

  • Radio/TV commercials
  • Radio/TV station imaging
  • Promos/ID’s
  • Corporate narrations
  • Radio/TV Sales presentations
  • E-learning
  • PowerPoint audio
  • Telephony IVR
  • Documentaries
  • Movie trailers
  • On Hold messaging
  • Animation
  • Cartooning

All voice over talents have agreed to the following conditions:

Every project comes with an indisputable guarantee. This means that our work will be delivered to your 100% satisfaction.

Any voice over project may be used for whatever application the owner decides on, whether it be for commercial or in-house industrial use. Projects may be broken down and applied to a variety of situations.

In most cases all artists will relinquish their rights to your project forever, globally. There will be no surprise invoices for residual or royalty payments. Copyright will be owned outright and 100% by the purchaser. One exception will be in reference to radio/TV commercials where a buyout or royalty charge might need to be negotiated between Client and Voice Artist.

Professional voice artists offer quick turnaround with projects delivered via the Internet and or by whichever method you require. Produced, ready to broadcast productions may be delivered within minutes, don’t be surprised. hosts the highest quality of voice over talents in the industry. We function as a cooperative venture by some of the world’s best union and non-union voice actors as a national and international showcase of their voiceover abilities. does not act as an agent, manager or clearing house for any of the listed talent. It does not collect talent fees or commissions from our member talents.

Each talent is an independent contractor and can be reached directly at the numbers, e-mail addresses and/or websites linked to within this site. markets itself globally through a number of venues. Since our customers are everywhere and since our delivery system over the Internet is so crucial, adhering to business protocol and more than fair representation of our talent and services is mandatory on all levels. Misrepresentation by our Voice Over talents will result in their immediate dismissal from our roster.

Our membership is restricted to voice over professionals only. Many will have their own recording facilities and many will have access to a studio resulting in a variety of delivery times and situations. You can make that decision depending on the immediacy of your voice over project.