World-Class Voice Artists

Wyard, Nick (North American English & British)

“Trust Me to speak Your Mind”

I am passionate about representing your business or project in the best possible way I can – to bridge the gap between your words on the paper and your audience.

Your script and your story are what matter most, and you can trust me to deliver them properly and with the personality appropriate to the project.

My warmth, wit and relatable delivery make me a valuable part of your team – I want you to think of me as a member.

If you need more variety than meets the eye, I was raised in the UK and North America, so I can deliver both accents with equal authenticity (and even give you a blend) – this gives you more ways to tell your story.

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Phone: 416-737-3964


Recent Clients:
Canadian Tire
Canada Post
Bank of Nova Scotia
Bank of Montreal