Wade, Mike

Styles: authentic, conversational, easy-going, energetic, engaging, friendly, warm

Roles: guy next door, father, announcer, storyteller, narrator, spokesperson

Mike is a San Francisco-based Voice Over Professional. He loves his family and enrolling in life each day. As a 20-year veteran English teacher, he finds great joy in inspiring and deeply enrolling his teens in intentional living. His specialty is making you and your unique offerings shine so that your ideal client invests in you. He is skilled in Audio Recording, Editing, Narration, Public Speaking, Storytelling, Teaching, Announcing, and English. For a professional and memorable audio experience, choose MikeWade Voiceovers.

“Mike, love your big, bold mature sound – your tone is authoritative, and you have a super deep resonance that is gorgeous. You have a nice expression in your delivery; your voice really makes people sit up and take notice. Easily one of the best talents. GREAT to listen to!”
– Lisa Foster, Talent Coach & Producer, SuchAVoice

Phone: 925-577-5743
Email: [email protected]

Experience/Clients listed below:

Master of Ceremonies:
• “Behold the Gift” at Oakland LDS Stake Center (20 years)
• “Poetry Out Loud” competition, high school and county, (4 years)
• “Behold the Gift” (pre-recorded)
• “Lamb of God” Oratorio (4 live performances)
Audio Books:
• Why You Can’t Sell Your House by Ryan Nickel
Defending Yourself From Foreclosure by Ryan Nickel
• The Enrollment Effect by Tyler Watson
• “Epilog”: smart-phone, seizure-tracking product
• High School Football Game Announcer (5 years)