Taylor, Jessica

There are a lot of female voices out there, all claiming to be the best, but Jessica’s vocal qualities cut through the noise. She can be the cool Mom, the savvy best friend, in-the-know neighbor, the young professional, and more – all with warmth and approach-ability that will soften the sale.

Commercial voice over is Jessica’s bread and butter. Her vocal age puts her right in the demographic sweet spot for reaching the women who make the majority of spending decisions in households across America.

Jessica is a smart voice artist, which is critical when it comes to understanding your marketing strategy. Do you really need a Juilliard-trained voice actor (she was wait-listed there twice, so she has acting chops), or do you need somebody who has a savvy business sense and gets what you’re trying to achieve with your campaign? Acting for advertising is a specialty in and of itself, with different rules and expectations than being on-stage or on-camera. You need a female voiceover artist who focuses on this niche.

While Jessica’s voice may be warm and easygoing, she is quick and responsive when it comes to clients.

Jessica is available for live or self-directed sessions, via phone patch, Skype, or Source Connect. You will get your raw files in 15 minutes or edited files in 24 hours.

Work Samples

Tel: 720.210.3447
Email: [email protected]


Clients include:
Performance Brands
Bobo’s Oat Bars
The Aurora Highlands
Villages at SteepleChase
HotShot Software
FirstBank of Colorado
Project Angelheart