Sauceda, Memo

Your Spanish project will stand out with Memo’s Memo-rable talent. Your vision the way you want it, yet exploring new possibilities together. Ask for an ABC, and he’ll give you an A to G. Want it tomorrow? He’ll have it today. Need it now? He’ll find a way.
Playful, Corporate, Memo-rable!

Memo Sauceda has done it all: VOs, Theater, TV, Industrials and Dubbing (lending his voice to Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner and John Travolta among others).
Telemundo brought him to Miami to host Edicion Especial, Mira que TVO and Ay Caramba; he won 3 Emmys while with them. You can hear him on commercials for the Hispanic Market in the US and in promos for Animal Planet in Latin America.

Phone: +1-305-607-1852
Email: [email protected]