Provost, Mike

Professional, Versatile, Friendly Neighbor

Mike Provost speaks accent-neutral North American English, and has a solid grasp on technical jargon. Mike can be the friendly next door neighbor, your buddy down at the bar, a college professor, the patient explainer, or the impatient guy in the checkout line behind you. He can be a skeptical dad, a serious cop, an obnoxious jokester, a geeky tech guru, or even that creepy guy in the subway car.  Mike can be that quirky character you’re looking for, or the professional voice of your brand.

Mike has voiced projects for commercial advertising campaigns, national trade show presentations, demos for GIS mapping software, automated telephone attendants, internal training videos (including a full suite of e-learning for the Hospitality industry’s leading Property Management System), animated characters, and even spoken versions of sacred historical text for religious organizations.

What are the voiceover needs for your next project?  Contact Mike, and he’ll work closely with you to ensure your project is completed quickly and to your satisfaction.

Phone: 1-802-316-8576
Email: [email protected]
Website: mikeonthemic.net

Some of Mike’s corporate clients include Oracle, Amazon, Anthem Health, ContentFlow, CyberTech, Easter Seals of Delaware, I-Health, Morgan Stanley, Nestiny, Pacific Global Asset Management, Richardson, TroisPrime, Wolters Kluer, and The Stock Exchange of Thailand.