Plumey, Pablo

I am Pablo Plumey . During my early life, I started to impersonate the entire advertising ads that I usually heard on television or radio in order to entertain my school partner or fellas. During 80’s, I enrolled in different voice over courses and until now with the voice over coaches who are very popular when it comes to voice over industry.
Discounting on new discovery, I served as a voice over talent or voice actor in 1993 for Shriner’s Hospital for the entire Latin American Market. With that, I was able to develop my skill to become more efficient voice actor. With the great job that I have done on my voice actor career, I have given the chance to voice one of my favorite NBA basketball players, Larry Byrd in a TV commercial. After that prestigious privilege that I had, a lot of opportunities came to me in different large and small TV Campaigns as well as national marketing companies such as KFC, Visa, McDonalds, Chevrolet, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Modelo Especial Beer, Florida Aquarium, Telemundo, Univision, Department of Health in Florida, GM Corp, KB Homes, Dairy Queen, Chick Fil A, Tampa Rays, Jim Bean, Bealls, and Tecate Beer to name some.
With my job experience, I used to develop my skills and that is one of the many reasons that make me stand out right in the voice over industry. While I develop my speaking voice efficiently, I have learned acting skills from the different workshops I have attended. Finally, after all the dedication, passion, and hard work that I have, I was able to reach all of my dreams in life. Currently, I am now enjoying my constant flow in web ads, radio, videos career in different organization and companies.

Phone: 877.569.0008
Email: [email protected]