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Over 15 years of professional voice-over experience - a smooth, versatile voice currently heard on national television - and an easily directable and flexible PERSON as well as VOICE -- that’s what you get when you choose Tia Marlier for your next voice-over project.

Nationally, you can hear Tia narrating the currently airing weekday Discovery Health Channel show, “I Lost It”, as well as see and hear her as the Narrator and on-camera Host for “Inside Wisdom”, the Wisdom Channel’s weekend news-magazine series. You can also catch her narrating and hosting HGTV’s “Historic Homes” specials.

Tia works from her professional Home Studio, which is fully equipped for quick turn-around of MP3s, wav or aiff files via an FTP site (making file size a non-issue). If you’d like, you can direct Tia over the phone (regular land line) during sessions. And if needed, she has access to ISDN studios outside her home in Denver.

Tia’s credits include national cable network promos, national/regional/local Radio & TV commercials, and corporate and industrial narration.

Check out Tia’s website:Tia

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