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Robert  Costales



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Robert has 25 + years of experience in the airline industry, and has worked as an Aircraft Technician, Instructor, and in-house Voice Talent. With concentrations in Aircraft systems, Maintenance training, Pilot training, E-learning, Computer Based Training and more. With his vast experience in voicing technical/complex subjects and various forms of training and corporate presentations, Robert is delighted to work with you on your next project.

With a voice range from warm natural baritone for industrials and corporate presentations, to energetic falsetto to brighten up a commercial, or hard sell. He also has a wide range of dialects, impersonations, and character voices for comedic, offbeat and wacky projects.

He also continues to sharpen his skills with on-going coaching, Teleseminars, Webinars and more with such organizations as EdgeStudios, VoiceOverXtra, and SuchAVoice. And, legendary voice talents and coaches such as Pat Fraley, Nancy Wolfson, Bettye Zoller, Christine Coyle, Julie Williams, Terry Apple, Harlan Hogan, Dan O'Day and more.

Home Studio Equipment: RodeNT1A/Sennheiser416 shotgun microphones
Presonus Studio channel pre/comp/EQ
Mackie 802 VLZ3 Mixer
M-Audio Fastrack Ultra Audio interface
Dell Inspiron Audio/Video DAW
ProTools M8/Audacity recording software
M-Audio BX5a studio monitors
Music/SFX library
Skype/Phone Patch
Custom built soundproof recording booth

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