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Liane  de Lotbinière



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This fluently bilingual Voice Actor and Session Singer is also a qualified Audio Producer with an in-house Pro Tools recording facility. Liane voices commercials, corporate narrations, imaging, telephone prompts and on hold messaging, documentaries, character voices and live broadcasting work all in Canada's two official languages. She is also an experienced Jingle and Session Singer.

As a full-time professional, Liane is a member of ACTRA and the UDA (Union des Artistes) and her company, Rotten Dog Music Inc., is a Signatory to both, responsible for all administration. Clients needn't even see a union contract - a service which she offers at no charge.

Clients include Kitchenaid, Volkswagen, Rogers, Sears, the Bank of Montreal, Hydro One Networks, CBC Television and the World Wildlife Fund to name just a few.

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