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Ken  Eaken



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Voice Casting Directors, Directors and Producers say my voice has a "unique timbre" or "voice quality" that offers a smooth delivery with flawless diction for a variety of voice over work,from the sound of NFL Films and the History Channel, to upbeat and touching radio and televison commercials. Plus the quirky, mystical and captivating sounds of animation, video games and cartoons.

It all started at the recommendation of legendary Casey Kasem, at Watermark Studios in Studio City, CA. Ken was originally trained by Johnny Rabbit (a.k.a. Don DiPietro), Rabbit was Dick Clarks number one radio station programmer, big time disc jockey in LA and a producer of Casey Kasem American Top 40 radio show. Ken can be heard in voice over projects from coast to coast, from animation, cartoons, commercials, documentaries, industrials, and narrations to radio and television imaging. As he always says, “Thanks for Listening!”

ISDN available, MP3/WAVE/AIFF, CD Overnight, Phone Patch, and FTP.

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