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Jeff  Hoyt



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When it comes to making a radio commercial, Jeff Hoyt has worn all the hats. He's written, produced, and/or voiced thousands of commercials for every category of client from coast-to-coast.

From radio and television voiceovers to corporate film and documentary narration, Jeff understands what the folks with the talkback mic are up to and how give to them what they want quickly so that they can proceed directly to post. Fun, professional, and efficient are three adjectives that frequently wind up in the same sentence with Jeff's name.

He's the first to admit that he's not an all-things-to-all-people type of voiceover artist. You won't hear wild characters or foreign dialects on his demo because he's generally just hired to be...himself...or some semblance thereof. He roams all the turf between regular-friendly-guy-next-door and raised-eyebrow-edgy with a tad of 'tude. He also sees a lot of scripts that call for high-energy retail, a relatable announcer or natural narrator.

His home studio on beautiful Vashon Island is yours for the booking today (for FREE when you make the call). Hear Jeff read your words the way you heard them in your head, RIGHT NOW, via instant ISDN, same day mp3 or overnight CD.

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