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Dave  Courvoisier



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You don’t survive as a TV News Anchor for almost 30 years without devising a pretty solid strategy for how to reach and keep an audience.

Dave’s gotten pretty good at it. 16 of those years, he’s been the main weeknight anchor in Las Vegas, the fastest growing market in the US for the last decade and more.

Dave’s voice is not announcer-ish…it has a catchy conversational quality that speaks one-on-one to the listener in a clear, rich baritone.

With a work schedule that allows enough free time for running his own business, Dave enjoys narrating long-format projects: AudioBooks, corporate, educational, telephony, multimedia, and web narrations, and any form of announcements, along with PSA’s, promotions, and documentaries.

Surprisingly, Dave’s collection of character voices applies well to the commercial market, too. Dave's a gifted writer, and can generate ideas and copy for your project.

Best of all, for any productions requiring an on-camera presence, Dave brings his 30 years of TV experience and makes it look easy!

Dave is ready with his own home studio, and you can find more on his website: MP3’s, .wav, e-mail, overnite CD, or FTP to mutual website. Expect a quick turn-around.

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