From: Bill A Jones [[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2007 5:33 PM
To: Rick Gordon
Subject: Scam Targeting Voiceover Artists
Dear Rick,

Please forward this email to all CV talents, as after speaking to both LAPD and The Secret Service, it seems I have no real chance to help apprehend these cretins.

Basically, the scam is a Cashier’s check is sent from the ‘client’ of this ‘producer’ directly to the talent to expedite production (and my bank initially said it looked fine — until 6 days in) and he asks you to send his ‘portion’ of the job to someone in the UK.   

Lots of red flags, I know; but the Cashiers check appearing to be good was what got me.  I’m embarrassed as hell (I’ve never been cheated before, etc.), and I’m out to the tune of $1,300 USD, but at least I can try to warn others of this scam.

I always thought a Cashier’s check was as good as Cash.  Not So.

And, unfortunately, many banks will say the cashier’s check funds are available within 24 hours (mine did), but this does not mean that the cashier’s check is good.  It may take two or three weeks to know if the check is good or not, (afterward my bank said 4 weeks or more) but by then it is too late for the victim (during which time they have already wired the money to the overseas person, and they can’t get the money back).

So, to recap,  if anyone gets an email similar to the following — beware.  It is a SCAM.

“I'm interested in your voice  (demo/recording) and am also willing to follow you guardline.We have a 60 secs script for a phone message. i need to get the recording in wav.  a warm and confident female/male voice for spoken word Hypnosis recordings. I also have voicemails to be done.Delivery of demo via email, Please send your demo and prices as soon as possible.My rate is between 1,200 - 1,800 US Dollars.

So i would like you to get back to me with more info about your availability and you contact details aswell.also i want a fast arrangement because time is not on my side here... contact me back directly at [email protected] . i got your contact info from <> so kindly get back to me asap.” etc.



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