de Nesnera, Liz

Growing up in a multilingual family, Liz de Nesnera spent a lot of time explaining to others that “No, I don’t get confused speaking several languages!” In fact, it has been a boon to her voiceover career.

Since she’s native and neutral in both English and French, Liz’s clients get the best of both worlds! (And she loves hockey, so her Canadian clients love her even more!)

Whether promoting the wonders of Pier 1 Imports in French, Jiffy Lube in English, explaining how to use that medical device correctly, or telling you to “Press 1 for Sales” in both languages for companies worldwide, Liz gets her client’s messages across beautifully. Liz records medical and technical narrations (big words don’t scare her a bit!), eLearning modules, website audio, Telephony projects (IVR prompts and MOH messages), as well as, of course, TV and radio commercials – all in both English and French. Pier 1 Imports, Pitney Bowes, Royal Bank of Canada, and frankly for hundreds of companies large and small the world over you have probably never heard of! That’s the beauty of voiceover!

Liz records for her clients from “Chez Liz”, her professional, ISDN/Source Connect/ipDTL equipped studio nestled in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. Close enough to run into “the City” for gigs, yet peaceful enough to wake up to nature’s wonders. How’s that for the best of both worlds!

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Professional Member/Treasurer of World-Voices Organization
Website Wrangler/Treasurer of CineTech Media Professionals

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