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Healy, Martyn (British)

With a Rich baritone British Voice, Martyn adds class and authority to any read.
A Great straight man with a range of characters too including most UK regional accents.
With over 20 years behind microphones he is trusted, experienced and reliable whatever the task. He started as a radio advertising copywriter and won awards and accolades throughout the world for his writing, direction & production.
Regularly used for e-learning, travel guides, internet video, mindfulness & relaxation audio as well as commercials – Martyn’s voice can fit your brief.
Works from UK based home studio and readily available.


E-Learning Demo

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Mindful Read Demo

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Character Demo

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Straight Demo

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Mobile/Cell: +44 7954 32 32 45

Recent Clients

IHG Hotels
GMG Radio
Emirates Driving School
Johnson & Johnson
Bauer Radio
Qatar Steel
BMW (Dubai)