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This is your invitation to join the most respected VO promotional web site in the industry. Our main task is to get you hit and heard by clients and producers who you may not normally reach. As you know promoting your website on your own is not easy. CV is well known throughout the VO industry for having top talent for any recording project.

Even if you do not have a personal site CV offers our members a professionally designed web site with your content. Visitors contact you directly with no middleman involved. As a member of Commercial you will become part of a dynamic team of global professional Voice Talents located world wide.

Our experienced professional VO talents supply any need where the human voice and a microphone are required, especially in the expanding fields of Corporate and E-Learning narration. Telephony and IVR are on the increase as are web site audio and video productions. In radio broadcasting, both land based stations and virtual ones require professional voice imaging and voice-tracking in order to compete. Professionally written and recorded commercials for radio and TV are always in demand.

You will play an exciting role in accelerating the growth of rapidly improving audio technology infrastructure globally with industry professionals offering a wide range of services. This is your invitation to become a member of this growing group of World Class professional Voice Artists.

Rick Gordon:


WE PUT YOU IN CONTROL! is the breath of fresh spring air in voice over online casting. Think: TransparencyAccountabilityHonestyStaying Power! Created in the year 2000 to put you in control of your online casting experience.


All of your personal contact information is available on your Personal CV page to all visitors and clients.


Never in 16 years have we charged a voice talent a fee or commission. We charge the client only if and when we coordinate the project! Plus … we pay you upon project completion. You never have to worry about collecting. You receive EXACTLY what you quoted for the project.



We target Producers and Clients who require a finished product as soon as possible and who require a sample of their project recorded by a Voice Artist. Producers will be invited to send a sample of the actual script to Commercial which is approximately one minute or 150 words. We will require the budget figure along with the deadline for delivery date.

The process is simple; just listen to our talents and list your Voice Choices.  We will contact the talents with your information. Members may then choose whether they wish to compete for the project within the budget and deadline date. Produced samples will be sent to Commercial Voices who in turn will upload for the Producer to audition. The budget figure will be net to the successful Voice Talent.

Members will have their own personal web pages complete with their Bio, audio samples and whatever information they wish to present including information on other related talents such as singing, acting, directing, producing, translation services and so on. This exclusive page is meant to promoted by the owner inviting personal and new clients to visit.

Yearly Regular Membership

Investment $300


Yearly Unilingual Membership

(one or more languages not including North American English)

This category is for Voice Talents who work in their native language only, other than North American English. For example; Spanish, Italian, Swedish, German, French etc.

Investment $150

In the white box below you will need to choose the membership you want and click the yellow “Pay Now” button. This will take you to PayPal to pay for your membership.

IMPORTANT!: After you make your investment through the PayPal link below, please email your Bio, Client List, Contact Information and of course your demos to We will upload your information and contact you for tweaking.

One Year Membership Fee

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