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Holke, Jack (U.S. & Cdn English)

jackholke_hsMy name is Jack Holke. I received my BA in Fine Art from California State University Fullerton. I worked part time at Disneyland to help pay my way through college. I am a retired Deputy Sheriff. While I was working at the Sheriff’s Department people commented about my voice. I was often told I should be working radio. When I worked in the jail my supervisor said she was impressed with the way I was able to control unruly people with my voice. I in all my years as a Deputy Sheriff I rarely had to fight with anyone as opposed to other Deputies were constantly fighting with people.

Going through numerous jobs after I retired that did not pay well and were boring. Remembering what people said about my voice I went back to school and took several classes voice overs. I did well. I was hired to voice a single sentence while still in class, I made $50. I knew right then Voice over was the job for me. However, finding work was a whole different story. I tried the Pay to play sites, I was with them for a year. The results were I got two jobs that managed to pay for one subscription. Since then I have been pursuing a career in Voice over acting on my own. I was taken on by an agent who will remain nameless. I have dropped them as they have not provided me with a single audition in over 2 years.



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Torch, a radar detection system
The Scott, Telephone answering machine a drug and alcohol rehab
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