Granfors, Melanie Jane

Melanie loves commercials! She jumps into different niches & styles with her signature warm & approachable sound, and can throw in edgy, sassy or sexy in just the right amount.

She’ll help you make the sale, book the reservation, secure the donation, spread the word, and share your story.

She’ll infuse your words with a modern-yet-classic vibe and versatility that comes from 15 years in voiceover; expertly blending skills from her background in radio & TV, journalism, education, and media production.

She brings life, context, and clarity to your project in a way that only a professional with a wealth of experience can.

From enthusiastic, animated, and brisk — to warm, casual and conversational— to informative, confident and concise, Melanie’s voice will capture your ideas and make them memorable.

Phone: 619-316-1129
Email: [email protected]