Aditi, Thirani

aditicaricature_2It has been 6 years since Addy aka Aditi began doing voice-overs for radio spots, corporate walk-throughs, advertisements, telephone messages, narrations, characters, in India.

Addy can be trusted to be efficient, timely, and reliable for all kinds of requirements. She also handles voice direction and understand voice-editing, so once the script is in her hands, the final product will soon be in yours. She will not stop until you get exactly what you want your product to sound like.

Her voice will bring your words to life! Let us cut to the chase, Addy is your best bet for all, any, each and every kind of Indian or Global/Neutral Accent voice-over needs..


Aditi has a distinct voice with differentiated character. Her voice would do well in both a broadcast scenario as a radio jock which requires ‘community connect’ or as a ‘narrowcast’ area in the sphere of education or any interactive voice platform. She is very passionate about her career which makes her hardworking and focussed on the deliverables required.
Vineet Singh Hukmani Managing Director Radio One Ltd


Garnier, StarPlus, Savlon, Google, GoDaddy, Moto X, Gionee, Samsung, Budweiser, Nutralite, Britannia, Bharat Petroleum, Vodafone, SOTC, Lexus, Mahindra, Tata, Abbott, HDFC, Staples, Reliance, PATH, Pernod Ricard, Radio Netherlands, HP, Nestle, UCB, Bose, AT&T, B4U