6 Backlink Tips Important For SEO

What are “backlinks”? Backlinks are someone else’s link to your website.  Sometimes they are called Inbound links (IBL’s). Here are some tips to ensure backlinks are utilized to help your SEO:

  • Google likes to see numerous backlinks to your site in order to rank your website’s importance.
  • Google will give you credit (better ranking) especially for quality backlinks that relate to our website or business.
  • Good quality backlinks or IBL’s which have content related to your site is a smart move.
  • The more relevant the site linking back to your website the better the quality.
  • In the VO business linking to and getting a backlink from a colleague makes you and the relationship important to Google and other search engines.
  • Build you links slowly over time, in a natural way. A search engine’s algorithm can detect deceptive or sneaky links or hidden links and your site could get banned.